Searching for not contains

How on earth do you search for a keyword that does not exists?

This is pretty basic, but I cannot find anywhere how to do this.

If I tag an entry with keywords, say, “North, East, South, West” and a few I forgot to tag with East. How can I find it?

RegEx does not work by using '?! ’

Even the most basic searches offer a not contains. I need help.


At the left edge of the project search field, click the arrow to see the Search Options.

Choose the Invert Results option.

That is, search for all documents with the keyword “East,” then invert the results to see all documents without that keyword.


You can also prepend a minus sign, so searching keywords for -alpha will return everything not tagged with alpha. This is useful if you need to combine tags in a search, e.g. beta -alpha will return everything tagged with beta that is not also tagged with alpha.