Searching Scrivener sub-sub-folder on iphone

I understand that iOS version of Scrivener is not as comprehensive as OS Mac, but I am encountering a problem when using my iphone with returning to the top folder after performing a search within a sub-sub-folder.

On the iphone, all the top folders are shown as in Dropbox. When I click on a top folder - for example Law Library - the screen changes to Recent, Bookmarks, Binder, Law Library, Research, Trash. OK, so far.

I click Law Library whereupon a list of sub-folders appear. I touch on a sub-folder and a list of sub-sub-folders appears. OK, so far.

When I swipe down the screen, a search box appears at the top. I enter a word - for example Repair - whereupon a list appears of all files containing the word ‘repair’. However, both the search box and any obvious equivalent of a back button are not displayed. The only thing at the top of the list is a rectangular strip: Binder, A-Z, Modified, Created.

When I click an item on the list, the screen changes to the content of the item. On the content page I can scroll through other items on the list and there’s a back <. at the top of the list. which when touched < takes me to the list’s folder. But, that’s all. There is nothing on the screen enabling me to go back to the top folder.

I’ve tried pressing the Home button but S reappears at the stuck level. My solution is to power off iphone and power on again. But surely there is an easier way? Any suggestions, please?

Known problem. Swipe left on any of the search results, tap the Options button that appears, and select “Reveal in Binder”.

Hope this helps!