Hi, I Love the search function in this program but was wondering if there was a way to “go to next”
Right now when I search something all the documents that contain the search criteria show up to the left them I have to scroll through the documents to find the highlighted search item. I would love to be able to skip the scrolling and just go to the next found item. Is there a way to do this. Thank you so much. This is an awesome product and this forum is so helpful!!

For the most part you can do this. The shortcut you are looking for is Cmd-G, “Find Next”. This is actually just a standard shortcut on a Mac, most programs support it, but usually you have to type something into the Find panel before it works, which is separate from Project Search. Scrivener helps you out a bit by loading whatever you searched for in Project Search into the Find register (even though you cannot see it). So pressing Cmd-G jumps to the next match.

What it won’t do is jump from document to document in the search result list. Currently you just have to use the mouse for that, or jump back and forth using Cmd-Opt-Ctrl-B to get to the Binder, arrow keys to select the next, and Cmd-Opt-Ctrl-E to get back to the editor, then Cmd-G to find next. That’s a bunch of steps, and this process will be even better in 2.0. There will be a way to jump from one document to the next (or last) with the keyboard, without switching to the Binder and back.

Another alternative is to just select all of the search results and press Cmd-Opt-4. This will make an Edit Scrivenings session, and you can just sit back and press Cmd-G through the entire result list.

Thank you again!! You guys are awesome!

I agree, the search function is very helpful, but I’m also missing something as “go to next”, “go to previous”, “go to last”, “go to first”.

Would this also be possible with the Windows version?

For instance, if I do a Project Search for “hello”, and then press F3 (Find Next), the word “hello” is not transferred from the Project Search box into the general find (Ctrl - F) box. The last know search phrase in the Find box is used, which may be different than the last know Project Search command.

Ergo, I think the feature request by AEW would be a great idea. :slight_smile:

The auto-load for the search term should be coming to Windows, so ultimately this will work the same way as on the Mac; for now you’ll just need to call up the regular Find/Replace window (Ctrl+F) and re-enter the search term so you can use the next/previous commands. You can move through multiple documents by selecting all the search results and loading them as a Scrivenings session (this is already the same on Mac and Windows).