Section Break, title, and table of contents

In my back matter I have a folder (more books by author) with several “scenes” inside (individual blurbs to other books).
I’d like to achieve two things:

  1. Have a page or section break between the scenes (blurbs)
  2. Only the title of the folder to show up int the table of contents.

So far I had zero success. The names of the second and third scenes within the folder keep showing up in the table of contents no matter what I do. Checking the “Do not add title prefix or suffix to documents” radio buttons made no difference. This is driving me nuts.

Our e-book export makes a necessary simplification by assuming that when you make a section break in your book, you mean it to be a section break. Using one for merely aesthetic or similar purposes is not supported.

This should be really easy to fix in Sigil or Calibre however. Both have the ability to edit the built-in ToC, as well as the HTML ToC (though you can customise the latter yourself by creating your own ToC and putting a file called “Contents” in the Draft).