Section layout for prologue [page count starts in front matter]

I created a section layout for a prologue that successfully does a page break before, includes the title, and formats the text the way I want. However, it doesn’t start counting pages until chapter 1. How do I tell it to start counting pages with the prologue (or even the title page, I’m not fussy) without it starting to count chapters with the prologue?

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That looks good! I’ll try it out and come back whining if I can’t figure it out. Thank you!

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I should have been more precise :
This is so that the numbering start right off. (Chapter 1 start counting at page 7, for e,g,)
But if you want the page number to also appear in the first pages, that’s the setting just below.
Or tweak the Header/Footer of the first pages so that there is a <$p> in there. (With the settings I circled checked.)

Got it. At the moment, I’m still trying to locate the menu you showed, but I imagine I’ll manage to tree it sooner or later. :slight_smile:

Double click your compile format in the list on the left side of the compile panel.
(I thought you already knew that, having tweaked your layout. Or so I believe you said.)

Then pick “Page settings” on the left, you’ll land right on it.

Oh, found it! Thanks! No, I found a more convoluted way to create a new section layout. Fortunately, I no longer remember how I did it.

And that did it! Deepest thanks. I’m going to go write now. :slight_smile: