section layout formatting: removing line breaks

I’d like to organize some paragraphs to compile from multiple documents, but don’t know how to have the compile settings such that it removes the line break between the sentences. I am working in a copy of the APA compile format.
In writing a synthesis, I’d like to have single sentences per document, so I can move them around in the index card view and organize my arguments that way. It would be nice to be able to compile it in a way that it can be read in intended final format: multiple documents reading as sentences of a regular paragraph. I have these sentences inside a document with title and a single introduction sentence.
In my current compile format of the layout, I have “single return” selected under separator settings. Plus I removed the indent by selecting remove indent for first paragraph in layout settings. This is getting me close.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

As far as I know, the finest granularity the Binder allows is the paragraph. If someone else knows of a way to take it finer, I’m willing to learn!