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How do I remove the # from between sections when I compile?

Remove the # from Custom separator between Sections in the Separators tab in the Compile Format Designer.

Thank you AntoniDol, where do I find the Compile Format Designer? I know, I’m such a noob at times. lol

Version: (1463331) 64-bit - 03 Nov 2021

I knew you were going to ask that:

  1. Double-Click your Compile Format, or
  2. Double-click a Section Layout preview pane, or
  3. Select Edit Format… from the cogwheel menu bottom left in the Compile Overview window , or
  4. Select the Pencil icon top right in a Section Layout Preview pane and pick “Edit {Layoutname}”.

(Do not click the visible button at the bottom of the list with Formats in the left column of the Compile Overview window, because there is no such a button)

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File: Compile: Section Layouts: ?

The "Edit Format " is grayed out uner the bottom left cog wheel.

FYI, I just looked at your website and purchased your book on Scrivener. I’m looking forward to learning a great deal from it.


Do you have a Format selected in the left column?
Double-Click one of the Formats un the list to copy and edit.

FOUND IT. You, Sir are awesome. Thank you.

Well, sort of. I’m working on it, but I must be close.

Select the Separators menu item, look at the Custom separator part, it should have a # inside you can remove.

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Yes, it works just as I want. Now to figure out how to format the header so it only shows the page number. I should be able to do that at least. Maybe. lol

Your book is helping a great deal.

The header on each novel page is showing: my last name / my book title / the page number
I only want the page number.

I realize it’s 3:17am for you. If you want to give up on me, I wouln’t blame you. I’ll just keep digging through your book and stumbling through menus in Scrivener.

FOUND IT. And it is beautiful.

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