Section Titles

I was working on compile. Its the first time I’ve done this so maybe I’m just missing something. My structure is pretty simple. I use folders which I call “Chaper 1” and text files for each section. I put section titles for each of those text file titles. Something like “Uncertain Dreams”.

When I do the compile in the there is a only one Chapter One choice for header which has a page break before. When I do the section assignments there is only one choice for “Section title … Then text.” Although this gives me my chapter title and section title when I export. I could live with this but is there a way to manually setup sections? I’m currently on Windows on the beta so maybe this area will be improved as we move closer to release.

I can live with how it is now, just seems like there are too many page breaks.


Hi HawaiiMike,

You can indeed manually set up Section Layouts. To the left of the Section Layout pane is a list of all the pre-made Compile Formats. If you double-click on one of them you can make a copy of it that can be edited. Once in the editing window you can add change or delete as many section layouts as you’d like!