Section type defaults not applied consistently?

I’m working through the tutorial, and the part about default types by structure does not seem to be working correctly. When I create the three levels of folders as the tutorial describes, I have, as expected, Root folders, Level 1 folders, and Level 2 folders, and when I click on each, it highlights the correct items in the binder. However, when I assign “Chapter” as a sectino type to Level 2 folders and deeper, “Get Oriented” and “Get It Out There” both still showed as being “Section” types even though they were highlighted in yellow as level 2 folders when I assigned the defaults.

I initially thought I had accidentally changed something in the the process of working through the tutorial, so I started with a clean tutorial and just did the Project Settings… Section types configuration and again, both “Get Oriented” and “Get It Out There” show as being “sections” and not "chapters.

Per the tutorial, these two items should both automatically be “Chapters”. Is this a bug or some other nuance I am missing?

Hi mosttornbrain, and welcome to the forum.

When you’re viewing the “Get It Out There” and “Get Oriented” folders in the Tutorial, are you seeing the text of each folder’s documents as a Scrivenings session?

That is, do you see the two items on your screen that I’ve marked with yellow and purple arrows in my attached screenshot?

If you are, then it’s likely that the section type you’re seeing in the Inspector panel is related to the insertion point being in the text of one of the subdocuments.

That would have the inspector panel’s section type reflect the section type of that document rather than the folder.

If you click on the Scrivenings view in the toolbar (the one I marked with a yellow arrow), the main editor should change so that it’s blank since the “Get It Out There” folder does not have text.

Then, the inspector panel should correctly show the Chapter section type for that folder.

Does that explain what you’re seeing?

Ah! Thanks for that explanation. I was using the corkboard view and hadn’t realized I had one of the subdocuments in that view selected. When I deselected it, the inspector showed the proper section type of “Chapter”.

Thank you for the help!

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