Section type for compiling in Windows

Is it possible to assign section types (for compiling) in Windows?
I’ve spent days trying to get my head around the Compile function. I have a novel in 2 parts:
The binder is laced out
Front matter
Part 1
Simple. You’d think.
Im finding the compiler settings mind bendingly frustrating.
The official YouTube’s all seem to be for Macs.
Maybe if I could find a way to tell the compiler that a Part is a Part, a chapter a chapter and a scene a scene- maybe then I’d start getting a handle on it.
As it is, I sent my best effort (docx) to a beta-reading company as well as an editor for a quote. Both came back to me and asked what on earth did I use to format this?
Honestly, why is is so complicated? Powerful, yeah, but only if you can fathom it.

So, question- is it possible to assign section types in Windows?
Kind regards

Are you using the Beta? I ask because you’re not posting in that forum, and version 3 (the beta version for Windows) uses section types + section formats to decide what a folder/document is and how such a thing should be formatted.

If you’re using the non-beta release, then you have to structure your project so that front matter is in a folder outside of your draft folder (and then select it as your front matter during the compile process), Part folders should contain your chapter folders, and chapter folders should contain your scene documents.

If you structure all of that, then start with one of the “Novel with Parts” compile sets, and you should be off to a good start.

Thank you rdale! Thank you thank you thank you. I managed to compile and export a docx file as well as an ebook file that loaded into my iPad. Parts, Chapters, Scenes. I am a happy camper!