Section types: I'm a simple man with simple WYSIWYG needs

All I want is for the output when compiled to look like the scrivener window. But the ‘Front Matter’ drop-down default and the ‘N/A’ one change my 12-point type to something like 18-point. There are no other valid choices, and I can’t modify these ones.

The most useful resource I found on section types is this one. But it doesn’t explain how to create nor edit section types.

The 1000-page manual is a bottomless well I’ve gotten lost in for another hour. Same with these forums. Sorry if this has been covered before, but I’ve found no way in either resource to search for “section type” without getting 100s of results for ‘section’ and hundreds more for ‘type.’ Can someone please explain in simple language or with a simple video how to access ways to change the formatting of sections?

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To edit a section type, when your cursor is over the section type, click the button in the top right-hand corner.

If you want it to compile as formatted in the editor…




Thanks, Mark, but I don’t see either of those attributes. I’m using Scrivener 3 for Mac and I’ve never seen the little pencil in the upper-right-hand corner. I’ve tried all the views and it never appears.
I also can’t find the editor you show. Sorry, I’m still baffled.

On the first dialog box after initiating the compile, you can also click on the “…” icon bottom left shown in screen shot, and then pick “Edit Format” (not picked up in screen shot).

I too am using Scrivener 3 for Mac under Sonoma 14.2.1. What version of Scrivener and what version of MacOS are you on. If you’ve updated to Sonoma, but not updated Scrivener fully, you can expect glitches.

I have created a completely new project, with a single document into which I pasted some plain text. When I open the compile dialog it goes to Default, and as soon as I have my cursor arrow over the Section pane in the Section Layout column in the middle, the button appears and on clicking it the following Alert appears:


Try the ttip at the bottom, of double-clicking your Section Layouts.


Thanks, Mark. I finally clicked through several times to find the little button which opened to all the things you’ve tried to show me.
I’ve done some more trial and error, and just screwed things up worse. You can’t modify the standard templates, so I copied them and tried to adjust. I went from 290 pages down to 80 and up to 500. I abandoned that road and went back to the standard templates.

I’m just trying to do a minor tweak which seems too tricky. I’ve now selected ‘as-is’ for Front Matter and Back Matter, but it doesn’t compile ‘as-is.’ I’ve changed the font size from 14pt all the way down to 10pt, but it always compiles with the exact same something which is much larger.
I don’t know what type size the big one is, but I go from about 450 words per page to about 250 words per page. I would like both to be the same, or the Front/Back to be a bit smaller than the body. The only thing I see is “Lato regular” without any way to select the font size. None of the templates available allow you to select the font size. I cannot either “save as” and then select the font size.

What I haven’t asked is: what format you are compiling to?

If you are compiling to PDF, can I suggest, the quickest way to sort this out would be to compilr to RTF, open it in Word/LibreOffice/Nisus Writer Pro/Pages/Whatever word processor you use, sort out the font there and then print/export to PDF.

In the meantime, I’ll put amt thinking-cap on again, and the support team are back at their desks tomorrow, I believe, and one of them may come to help.



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