Seeing novel scenes on corkboard

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I am still new to the world of Scrivener and am only slowly learning its many features. I am in the process of writing a novel using Scrivener and would like to be able to both contain notes and removed text for my chapter scenes in folders as well as see the scenes on the corkboard, perhaps even see scenes across chapters. When I select the corkboard mode, I see both the scenes and card for the notes folder. My question is can I remove the notes folders from the corkboard view? Also is there a way to see the full sweep of the scenes across a range of chapters, the entire work?

So that you have a grasp of how I have organized things, I have attached a screenshot of a mockup of my novel structure.

Please take a look at this at your earliest convenience and let me know what the options are so I can see just my scenes and swaths of scenes that are contained within my novel. Thank you very much for your assistance with this.

Dave N.
Holliston, MA

There are a couple of options here. You could just make the notes in the inspector area instead of having them in the binder. But that only allows one note document. To carry on what you are doing, the easiest way would just be to indent the notes folders, so that they are contained inside the scene, like this:

Yet another way is just to keep the notes files out of the Draft folder, all together in a “Notes” folder, and just link to them from the scene document’s References.

To see all scenes for all chapters, simply select each chapter folder (Cmd-click on each one to select them all). The corkboard will show the contents of all selected folders.

Hope that helps.

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Also if you’re fine with a flat card output of the entire section, you can Option-click on the folder for it (say, your “Chapter 1” folder). This is just a shortcut for the Documents/Open/with Compilable Subdocuments menu command.