Seeking Insights on Integrating Aeon Timeline and OmniOutliner

Hello fellow writers,

As a dedicated Scrivener user, I’ve recently delved into OmniOutliner and Aeon Timeline for its purported seamless integration with Scrivener. While the potential of OmniOutliner was immediately apparent, Aeon Timeline’s complexity has given me pause. It’s undoubtedly powerful, but its analytical slant seems less intuitive for the early brainstorming and planning stages of writing. Moreover, navigating its features, especially the outline mode, has been more cumbersome than anticipated, leaving me to ponder if its true value emerges only in the later stages of the writing process.

Have any of you incorporated Aeon Timeline or OmniOutliner into your Scrivener workflow?

Appreciate any insights or advice!

At what stage do you need a detailed timeline?

I suspect the answer is different depending on the writer and the work, and therefore the point at which Aeon Timeline becomes useful varies.

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Initially, I was focused on establishing the foundational plot and setting the key scenes.
That was my initial research for companion apps.
I understood that syncing Aeon with Scrivener would be beneficial for this purpose. However, upon further reflection, I realized that Aeon thrives on extensive details, which might not make it the best tool for initial brainstorming sessions. So I was just wandering how it is used by the Scrivener people.

FWIW - I use Aeon Timeline as an aid to my Scrivener projects - a lot, my work is in the history of medicine - but I don’t use the integration function at all (that simply wouldn’t work for my use case).

I mention this just to illustrate that although the integration might come at a later stage, the foundational stage you mention could still benefit from non-integrated uses of Aeon: an additional thought and planning tool.


I think you’re right, I guess it depends upon your approach to writing. Personally I’m a plotter and I find Aeon Timeline invaluable, however I can imagine that a pantser, or somebody less analytical, will find little use for it.

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True. One of my Scrivener Outline Layouts is a simple timeline to avoid my characters passing themselves in time.


OTOH, pantsers might have more use for it, as they try to forge their “seat of the pants” first draft into a somewhat linear and coherent narrative.


That’s exactly when I need Aeon Timeline…