Seeking Scrivener support?

To whom it may concern, from our support page:

Important: To ensure you receive our reply, please set your spam filter to “white list” both the “” and “” domains prior to contacting us, and check your spam folder just in case your email client places our replies there. Also ensure you disable any “challenge” auto-responses if necessary, as we are unable to respond to human-verification systems.

There’s nothing more frustrating than increasingly irate emails from people who apparently didn’t follow this advice and therefore are not receiving our replies.


Understand your frustration, Katherine.

I have an equally frustrating problem. I’ve been a faithful user for several years, but in the last couple weeks, Scrivener started crashing unexpectedly. I have tried the solutions sent by Oliver, with no luck.

Is there any way L/L offers live or phone-in support to resolve a problem? The delays and back and forths and inability to resolve issues is killing me.

I am willing to pay for REAL live support, either from L/L or someone else.

Can you suggest anything to get me back and running again, other than the nearly impossible email solution now offered?


Although not the answer you’re wishing for, here it is.

Thanks for that anyway, Amber.

I was unaware that I could execute a “do over”, but Oliver told me I could backgrade to 3.1.2. I did, and bingo, no more problems. Something in the upgrade to 3.1.3 made my system crash.

I’m locking this thread because it is a magnet for posting new questions to, which means we then have to spend time splitting the off-topic question to a new thread by hand. There is an entire board to post your individual query to. :slight_smile: