Seeking Short Story Collection Template

Hi! Would anyone happen to have an already-formatted Short Story Collection template, for Windows version? I searched past messages where others have asked this, and someone did post such a template at one time, but I was no longer able to access it (and maybe it was for Mac besides). Or else, would anyone have tips for how to set one up so it will compile properly? I want to take all my short stories and organize them by year.

Thanks for any help!

Hi washbear,

Give this one a try: Book of short stories.scrivtemplate (661.1 KB)

I don’t recall where I found this, possibly on a blog, although possibly even on this forum, as it appears to have been created by someone who has posted here.

I can confirm it works with Windows Scriv v3.

The first doc in the binder provides instructions for how to use the template.

Hope it works for you.


Thanks so much, JimRac! This is perfect! :+1:

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