Select a specific screen for Composition Mode?

At the moment I see that Scrivener for Mac allows the user of dual monitors to use the secondary screen in Composition Mode while having the rest of Scrivener open on the primary screen. Great idea, and this works well as far as it goes.

However, I now have triple monitors: a 20" Apple Cinema Display in the centre as the Primary Screen and two Dell 17" LCD monitors rotated to portrait format either side of that.

This works great for having multiple programmes open and switching between research, web and Scrivener, other writing tools, the Oxford English Dictionary etc etc.

The problem, as far as I am concerned, comes when I would like to use Composition Mode on the primary (centre) screen and the rest of Scrivener on a secondary screen (left or right, preferably right with my setup).

Because Scrivener only allows the user the choice of selecting Composition Mode to appear on the Secondary screen in a multi-monitor setup, it forces me to use one of the smaller, portrait format off-centre monitors for that mode when I would much prefer to type on the centre screen.

So I wonder if there’s any possibility of adding the option to select a specific screen for Composition Mode, please?

This would allow me to have Composition Mode on my centre monitor and the rest of Scrivener on either right or left monitors.


This may also have some relevance now, at least from the Autumn:

I have the same issue: three monitors, but the Composition Mode appears on the “wrong” screen for me, and there is no way to change it.