Select all from the manuscript tab not working?

I just recently was trying to copy my word count by Selecting all > Copy while manuscript is highlighted. For some reason, it will only paste the first chapter into word. How do I accomplish this?

Currently it’s not possible to copy (or otherwise manipulate) text from across documents in a Scrivenings session. This will be doable in the future, as the next major version of Scrivener will have access to an updated framework that will allow us to rewrite the way Scrivenings works. For now though, rather than copying and pasting your individual documents, I would use File > Compile… to create a new document outside your project that combines the text of all your manuscript documents.

If you select “Original” from the “Format as” dropdown menu, you’ll get a simple, unadorned version of the text, with just a single empty line between the binder text documents and a page break between text documents and following folders. Or if you created your project from a template and followed its binder structure, you could compile just with its default settings, which will probably give you chapter numbering and some other tweaks to spruce up the document.