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I’m a brand-new Scrivener user and I was unable to find any answer in the forums (search didn’t seem to be working), so I apologize if this has an easy solution I’ve missed! I’m trying to figure out how to remove extra line breaks in my manuscript, which I wrote and copied in from LibreOffice. I tried following the instructions on this page (Clean Up Your Texts With Scrivener), clicking Select All and then trying to use the Text Tidying feature. But nothing I do aside from going into each individual scene and highlighting the text there will give me the option to use Text Tidying. This work is 32 chapters long with a LOT of scenes per chapter. Do I have to go through every single scene and select the text there, or is there a way I can apply this change to my whole manuscript?


Displaying your whole draft (or multiple documents) as a scrivening doesn’t fully work yet under the windows version. (It doesn’t see the agglomerated text as a single thing.)
So as far as this approach goes, you do have to fix your documents one at a time.
(I don’t think you have to select any text though. Just have the focus on the editor.)

Alternatively, you could use Edit / Find / Project Replace instead, replacing two carriage returns for a single one. (Run it twice if you need to remove triple carriage returns.
(For instructions - how to input a carriage return or other formatting characters -, leave your cursor idle in the field where you’d specify what to replace. A popup will appear.)

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Thank you! I was tearing my hair out over this, and I’m glad to know it’s not user error, at least. And thanks for the workaround tip–I’ll see if Project Replace does the trick without having to go through each scene.

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It most certainly should.

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