"Select All" on Compile Replacements

I compile separately for UK and US spellings, and I’ve developed a fairly long list of UK-spelled words that must be replaced by their US counterparts on export. It would be very helpful to include a ‘select all - select none’ toggle checkbox in the compile replacements UI to prevent having to select every word individually for each US export, then deselect them individually for each UK export. I suppose I could work around this by building the replacements into the settings for all my various compile formats, but that would involve having to re-enter them for each format, which would prove to be even more work than ticking all the individual boxes every time.

Thanks for considering the idea!

OPTION CLICK should do what you want.

Slàinte mhòr.

It actually wouldn’t be that difficult. Here’s what you’d do:

  1. Switch over to your Replacements tab in compile overview, hit ⌘A to select all and ⌘C to Copy.
  2. Right-click on your Format and “Duplicate & Edit”; call it “Manuscript UK” or what have you.
  3. Click on the Replacements format option pane and ⌘V to Paste.

Now going forward you would have to maintain any adjustments to the format across both versions, but switching word lists is a simple one-click affair—and if all of your projects benefit from collective formats it keeps the distribution of revised word lists down to a few edits instead of having to fix each project individually. Might be worth it! I would certainly consider a vocabulary transformation to be more within the realm of a Format, thematically speaking.