Select All?

Is there a way to select all my text at once (i.e. all chapters/scenes) so that I can change the font for everything at once? When I click select all currently, it only seems to select the particular scene or chapter I have in focus. Another idea might be an option to automatically apply a new default font scheme for the editor to all existing documents.

There will be a function for this, it just isn’t implemented yet. The way it will work is via a menu; you’ll be able to select as many items as you want and apply your formatting preferences to them all in bulk. This is likely as automatic as it will ever get. Blowing away formatting in a project as a result of an application level preference change would, in most cases, be highly undesirable and destructive. So it’s an intentional thing you must do, but huge chunks of text can be fixed all at once, if that is what you want.

Hi Amber,

That sounds like a suitable solution, and glad to hear it will be added soon. I would not mind being able to select a bunch of items in a menu and applying the new settings. I’m just looking to avoid going into each item one by one, hitting select all, and updating the font.


Just curious if this was added in any of the releases since I first posted about this? If so, how do I access it? If not, sorry for bothering you again! :blush:

Yes there is. I think it’s found in Documents > Convert to default formatting.

Sorry for being vague I’m recalling from memory without Scriv being in front of me.

Documents>Convert Formatting to Main Text Style. Main text style being whatever you’ve set up under the Editor tab of Edit>Options. You can select multiple documents at once in the binder and then run this command to change them all. Just make sure to pay attention to the checklist of options that pops up, as you will probably want to check the box to preserve style–otherwise you’ll lose underlining, bold, etc. This will be change either so that it’s not an option (since there are other ways to strip that kind of formatting if you really want to do it) or so that it’s checked by default, but for now just make sure you really look at the list and know what you’re doing before you click OK.

Thanks, that did it! I kind of wish I could have just selected folders and have it automatically encompass the documents within rather than selecting each document in each folder, but since presumably I won’t be doing such a conversion very often, it wasn’t that big of a hassle.

Most of the tools in Scrivener require you to make precise selections, and this is especially true of anything that makes bulk destructive changes, like resetting formatting. Keep in mind also that a folder is really just a text file with a different icon—it has its own text field (albeit, hidden behind a corkboard by default, but if you click the corkboard icon again you’ll see its text editor), and so when you select it and use that menu command, you are resetting its formatting, assuming there is any text to adjust.