Select multiple files (or scenes) from the binder to view them

Hello! While on the computer I can select multiple files from the binder, usually to check the transition between scenes, on the iPad it seems something impossible. But before giving up I thought it would be wise to ask here.

The iOS product called Scrivener is different than the macOS version, as you have discovered. Many factors lead to the differences, discussed at length elsewhere. I was curious about your question as it never occurred to me to do such a thing, so I tried. I also could not find away to do as you seek on iOS version. I use the macOS version for this kind of “fancy” stuff, and the iOS version for editing and reading while “on the go”.

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So probably it’s not possible. An alternative could be the use of the “quick reference” option. You swipe a file in the binder a select it from the menu.

Yes, Quick reference is probably going to be the feature most useful to you for viewing two files.

But if you want to scroll through your work to check transitions, then consider using the Draft Navigator feature on the iPad. It’s sort of a Scrivenings-lite. See the iOS Tutorial for further details in the doc called Draft > The Main Interface > The Editor > Finding your place.



Well, I was “on the go”, now I am “put” on my Mac :slight_smile:

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