Selected text word count..?

I’m relatively new to Scrivener and while I’m sure there are many useful features I’ve yet to discover, there’s one that appears to be missing (nor can I find previous mention of it on the boards).

I’m a journalist and write pieces to meet to specific word counts, both for whole documents and parts of a document (“Write a 200 word box”, for example). Scrivener only seems to offer a live word count of the whole document and so I have to paste blocks of text into a new document to get a word count of just part of it.

It would be extremely useful if I could select a block of text and have the live word count reflect that selection rather than the whole document. So, have I missed something here, or is a selected text word count feature missing…?

Select the text -> ctrl click over the selection, the pop up window shows the word count of the selected text.

D’oh, so it does… In mitigation, it’s in light grey and, er, easy to miss. Thanks Ursula!

In 2.0 the selected word/character count will replace the total word/character count in the footer view during selections, as in Word and other programs, because it is in a rather obscure place at the moment, admittedly.

All the best,

Fab — can’t wait to see 2.0!