Selecting a word by double-click also selects quotation marks

It’s a bug I already reported long ago about the beta; still finding it in the official release When I double-click a word, if there are quotation marks near it they get into the selection. It happens with any kind of quotation marks. Besides that, if I double-click one of two words separated by an apostrophe, both get selected, together with the apostrophe itself. I’m used to double-click words very often; this should select a single word without any surrounding quotation mark or apostrophe.


Well, word processors (as Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer) do the right thing with words next to a quotation mark, but double-clicking a word separated from another by an apostrophe selects both words and the apostrophe, so scratch the second part of my previous post.

This is a long-running bug that I keep waiting to be addressed. Once I start editing a document, it becomes extraordinarily annoying.

This might sound like hyperbole, however I can’t use Scirv for drafting until this is fixed. This behavior also happens when you shift-click a word, and in my dialog-heavy draft, this seriously bugs.

Well, Dave, software is never perfect, and it might normally be good wait before such a concern filters up to be addressed among those of many others, and then reaches a point of release for the accumulation. It’s juat how things are.

What we do is find workarounds; patience can be involved. Here’s one that a moment found:

  • put your cursor before the beginning of the word; inside the quotes
  • use shift-right arrow on the keyboard to select letter by letter, until you come to the end, before the quote.
  • if you’re adept and the word is long, you can hold down the keys to auto-repeat across it, achieving someething like the double-click.
  • if you over-run doing that, keep the shift down and use the left arrow to back up and reduce the selection.

Voila. Only the word is selected.


I can’t tell if your reply is sarcasm or satire or if you’re being serious. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re serious.

No, I will not change the way I draft and edit because of this bug. No, I will not endure a workaround when there are plenty of alternatives which do not have this issue. And while I will continue to use Scriv for outlining and planning, I will not use it for drafting until this bug is repaired. Which, at this rate, might be never.

This bug was first reported in the early beta stages – so a few years back???

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Dave, I tried to suggest a practical approach, with enough detail so you can really use it.

The observation on other practicalities is to suggest there are actual persons out there making and upgrading the software, with all that implies.

Please have a nice holidays – sincerely.

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I see, ok, well thank you. I did not mean to come off as someone who did not know the workarounds. Like I stated in my original comment – it seems ridiculous and hyperbole to decide and not use Scriv over this seemingly tiny bug, but it’s one that vexes me constantly, so much so it’s easier and more fun to use an alternative for drafting. Having said that, I’m also fully aware of the work-arounds.

As to whether the bug will ever get fixed … it’s been years and let’s just say I’ve stopped holding out hope.

You have a nice holiday too – and happy writing!

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curious what you like better for drafting?

I find reasons to switch around depending on exact task – and believe it or not, (fast)iPad and its version of Apple’s Pages is one that appeals surprisingly.

Which I’ve also used, by the way, to easily work around a thing that’s wonky, on iPad Scrivener, find-replace of newlines when you have extra between paragraphs.

And so it wouid also be another way for your challenge, if you don’t mind doing a quick cut-paste to get a Scrivener document into Pages, and another to get your result back after you’ve been double-click-selecting and typing…

But maybe this other program you’ll tell me does it all better at draft stage, indeed…

Thanks for the wish on written words – happens to be just the right moment for it :slight_smile:

ha - sorry, I had been busy with something else, and slipped a gear here, was thinking about iPad issues reather than on Windows for last post…

Still interested in the question on drafting, though, Dave, and I guess the thought of cut-paste with another editor would do just as well on Windows, if you got caught by this problem again.


I would like to just “bump” this post and say that it’s still incredibly frustrating, here in Spring of 2022.

You can see many users are upset:

This does not mirror any sort of functionality from MS Word, Google Docs, any other common word processors. Not even here on the Scrivener forums using Google Chrome. Extremely annoying to edit dialogue and then later realize I’ve deleted the leading quotation mark. Any attention that can be brought this bug would really help.

“Goddamn, it’s nice being able to highlight my opening curse and change it without the quote getting taken away.”


Way back in the Scrivener 3.0 beta, a bug was reported regarding double-clicking a word immediately after a quotation mark also selects the quotation mark. Selecting only the word is how every I’ve used that processes works (e.g., LIbre Office, MS Office suite, WPS suite, Open Office, etc.).
I know this bug has been referred and complained about with every release.
Of course there’s a work around, but considering that other trivial bugs (at least from my POV) are fixed, 3 years is a long time to wait for an editor bug to be fixed. Every writer revises; having to use the mouse to select that word slows us down during that process. On a laptop screen with shaky hands due to arthritis, this is annoying at best, and can be nearly impossible on bad days. I can’t always write in front of a big monitor.