Selecting Folder for Compile...

Hello! I literally can’t find the answer to this question anywhere. It’s possible that I’m not forming the question right in a web search, and I can’t find the answer in the manual, either. I hope someone can help.

In the course of playing around with the program, I ran into an issue that could affect me in the future. I can’t seem to figure out how to compile anything that isn’t in the default ‘manuscript’ folder.

My intention was to use the program to create a series of short stories, each with their own folder. However, Scrivener seems to disallow this by design. Can I select a different folder to compile, or does compile only work with the one pre-set folder?

To state my question another way: I want ten different manuscript folders in one project. Is this possible? If so, how?


There is only one Manuscript folder, by design.

If you want to compile each story as a separate output, you can modify what is included by removing the check in the Include column in the Compile window. See markup of screenshot below.

Note that you can include other material by including the Front Matter folders’ content.

Thanks for the answer. I guess it would help my organizational desires if more than one folder could be designated to compile, but I understand the design choice. Thanks!

OK so after reading this thread, I’ve been trying and trying to drag the folder with my whole manuscript into the one in question. And. It. Cannot. Be. Done. The only elements it will accept are individual text files. Folders elicit no response and nothing happens after I release them inside it. I’ve tried creating a new project and dragging the manuscript folder into the new “Draft” folder. Same result. So now I’m stuck with a project I’ve been working on for over a year, and I can’t compile it! Oh, and why call it “Draft” if what you mean by that is, “Whatever you do, do not create anything outside of this one and only folder” :cry:

Perhaps post a screenshot of your binder and what you are trying to do. You should be able to drag things to where they should be.

Problem solved! After filing a bug report, Vicki replied and helped me figure out it was because some of the folders I was trying to move contained media files (specifically images), and the Draft folder can only contain text files. After I moved the media files to an outside folder, I was able to move the rest of my project into the Draft folder. Thanks, Vicki :smiley:

Fyi, for anyone following Tom’s screenshot previously, the drop-down in his screenshot that reads “Manuscript (Draft)” can be selected and from that drop-down list, you can select any sub-folder as the “root” folder. That will exclude any of the other folders in the draft folder from being compiled.

Great tip, thanks Robert!