Selection not in sync between Scrivening and non-Scrivening

For me, this bug is easily reproduced, but transient (i.e. usually resolves itself after a few seconds). One interpretation is that a backend process is in place, but not running fast enough.

It originally exhibited itself as a pecularity in the “Auto-Generate” button. When in scrivening mode, I woudl click the button and get unexpected results. There may still be an issue here. However, with a little poking around, I figured out that the selected text was not staying in sync between the scrivening and non-scrivening editors.

For me this is easily replicated by:

  • Select a scrivening friendly object
  • Select some text
  • Switch back and forth between scrivening and non-scrivening modes

You can also highlight alterante text in the second view and the selections will stay out of sync for a few clicks.

I tried to attach a video to no avail… so I’ve thrown it up here: … 20text.avi