Selection options grayed out for outliner - would like to fix this -suggestions?

I have a trilogy. All 3 volumes have separate Scriv projects, all (I think) created from the same template, maybe a couple versions ago (2017).

In Book One, Menu > View > Outliner > Options > Fixed Row Height is checked and grayed out. I do not want that checked, yet I am unable to uncheck it.

In Book Two, it is also grayed out, yet unchecked. I can’t check it.

In Book Three, it is neither grayed out nor checked.

I can’t for the life of me ever think I wanted it checked, yet now my options are limited. I don’t think I ever checked it. This also appeared recently—It seemed to not be this way for some time, but now things have changed.

And all 3 volumes came from the same template.

How do I get it to be not grayed out, so that I can uncheck it? It is seriously inhibiting my practical use of the Outliner.

For the option to be active, the Outline view itself needs to have the focus. So it’s not active if the focus is on the Binder, for instance.

I think I understand what you are saying, which is probably that if the Outliner does not have focus, then everything in that menu is grayed out. That makes a certain amount of sense (other than it would be more convenient if focus were not necessary, since the menu selections themselves then only refer to the Outliner. So I don’t truly understand the reason for not having them available at all times, even when the Outliner does not have focus.)

But then that is a separate issue that is beside the point: The issue is that Fixed Row Height is the ONLY thing there that is grayed out. The other options there are not grayed out.

There are then two possible explanations, and it is either one or the other:

If there is a reason for it to be grayed out, I’d really like to know what that reason is and how to get it where I can uncheck it.

If there is no reason for it to be grayed out, which it appears there isn’t since I never even wanted that option checked, then there is a problem. Possibly a bug.

For the purposes of solving your problem, putting the focus in the Outline view should make the Fixed Row Height option available.

Yes, there appear to be some inconsistencies in the behavior of that option, so I’ll flag this thread as a possible bug.

OK, thank you.

You should then know this is on a MacBook Pro 2021 with an M1 microprocessor and I’m running Big Sur v11.4 and Scrivener v3.2.2. This could narrow things down a bit.

I understand that as revolutionary and as impressive as the new Apple M1 silicon is, that it’s a big change, and there may still be a number of tiny little issues with how it interacts with software apps, even now, and even though Scrivener was one of the first to comply (and did so very impressively), maybe things are not entirely hammered out quite yet.