Selective Sync for Scrivener iOS

I have searched and didn’t find a similar request so here it is:

To have the ability to select which project to sync on Scrivener iOS. Sometimes I don’t need to sync all my projects at once and only need to transition from my desktop to a more mobile platform like my iPad or iPhone to continue to work on a given project. The ability to choose which project to sync would make the syncing experience more seamless as in less wait for the process to be completed since it is not (yet?) a background process.

Thank you for your consideration.

It’s possible to have subfolders within the Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener folder. So, for instance, you can have your iPhone sync to a subfolder that only contains a lightweight “notes” project, while your iPad gets everything. And of course there’s no reason why everything has to be in the Dropbox folder to begin with.

There is no ad hoc way to define a selective sync though. In my opinion, it would be a bad idea. I can easily see people making use of it, forgetting they did, and then opening an unsynced project, leading to all the usual sync conflict issues.

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That’s a good way around it. I will try that, thank you.

I understand the risk of syncing discrepancies could potentially raise with the added complexity of a selective sync. I was seeing it more as an option. As the present iOS UI clearly identifies which project is or is not up to date even before syncing, one could still see which project is an older version needing sync before starting to work on it.

The main problem isn’t so much that we haven’t bothered to create selective sync, but rather that the tools we have available to build the sync engine don’t allow it. They are all or nothing, downloading everything in the sync folder no matter what. We can’t even selectively choose to only download “.scriv” folders and their contents. If you put a bunch of JPG files in there, they will be downloaded too, and completely uselessly so since Scrivener can’t open JPG files.

So that’s just a limitation to be aware of, and why we recommend using the sync folder as your “WIP” area, not your archive-for-all time area.