Selectively smart vs straight apostrophes or quotes within a document?

Does anyone know a way to use a combination of straight and curly quotes/apostrophes within a single project/document? (i.e. the difference between actual quotes/apostrophes, and inch-foot measurements, which should be straight and not curly at least per our style guide…)

Thanks for any help you can give!

You can keep automatic smart quotes off and enter them manually with short cuts: the two single curly quotes are on alt-] (opening) and shift-alt-] (closing), and the two double curly quotes are on alt-[ and shift-alt-[.

Or if you don’t want to go to the effort of doing that, you could use different symbols for the foot and inches (something unusual like § and ± say), but don’t forget to do a search and replace at the end… (you can set compilation to do this automatically).

If it’s something you only need to occasionally do, hitting Undo (⌘Z) after the system auto-corrects the punctuation mark is probably well enough. It’s a little awkward since you then also have to arrow out of the selection, but if you type in several hundred typographic quotes for every one measurement in inches and feet, it might be preferable to training new muscle memory for the majority.

Oh, and if you use MMD or Pandoc, just leave them off in the software and let those systems handle typography for you—throw a backslash in front of any quote that needs to be literally straight (or use Prime and Double-Prime from the Unicode table if you’re a purist!).