Self Publishing Platforms

What do you recommend and why please?

I’ve published a few via AmazonKDP and am looking to change.


I have published with Kobo too and wasn’t disappointed.
They offer close to the same %.

There is also Barns & Nobles.
Other than that, not sure it is so much worth the management.
You might be interested in looking for a bulk publisher. Although I believe KDP refuses them now, since a couple of years.

If you don’t mind, why are you looking to change? I’ve been thinking about making use of them, and I’d appreciate some insight.

I don’t mind at all, but you might. Grin. The answer gets into the fact that I’m Catholic and Amazon actively supports mutilation and murder, among other things.

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Does anyone have experience with

Lulu is quite good. I do know some people who go through Lulu for self-publishing. I also bought books from therer and was a nice experience.

Draft2Digital I haven’t (yet) published with them, but will. (I’ll keep Amazon/KDP as no corporation is innocent, but that’s not germaine to this discussion.) Many YouTube self-pub channels I follow recommend them as a viable alternative to Amazon.

B&N Press is fine, too, for similar reasons as D2D. And they also have POD.

Any suggestion for the french market?

For French, if your goal is to be read, have exposure, and don’t so much care about monetizing your books, a good place to make your content available is :

You can either publish your work/book as a whole, or only the first few chapters, and link to wherever your book is for sale in your profile.
Lots of readers.
(You don’t have to make your book downloadable. You can post it as online-read-only.)
Last time I checked: you can post one book for free per account, but they let you create as many accounts as you want. All you need is a unique email address for each.

Otherwise there are the paid options. Very convenient, lots of advantages, but perhaps a tad expensive.
. . . . . . . . .

À noter que c’est tout de même un peu un couteau à double tranchant.
Il y a deux sortes de gens, là bas.
Certains auteurs frustrés de la vie peuvent facilement s’adonner à laisser des commentaires bizaroïdes ou castrants quant à votre publication. Il faut savoir en prendre et en laisser… :wink:

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Sounds ideal!

What would happen if I posted a book written in English on the website?

I think France, and Europe in general, could be a more favorable outlet for my topic, which is current and relevant, but I wouldn’t want the language difference to be in any way displeasing.

I’ve had a few years of French in secondary school, but it would likely take me another lifetime to translate what I have into French.

Thanks for the tip,

It is 100% French stuff. (French as in the language ; not France.)
I seriously doubt they would allow it.
Just to be sure, I checked the FAQ and looked for “foreign language” books, but couldn’t find any, or any answer to the question – satisfying or not.
I’ve personally never seen anything non-French over there.

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