Send Scrivener project OUT of iOS to Files?

I use Resilio Sync to sync a folder between Macs and iOS devices. I can get a Scrivener project to open on iOS by importing it through the Files App. Once I have updated the project in iOS, how do I send it back out to the files App so I can save it to Reilio Sync again?

Get to the Projects screen. Open the Projects list. Tap the Edit button at the top right of the projects list. Select the project you want to send to Mac, then tap the export icon at the bottom of the list. Scrivener will create a zipped version of the project and you can then send it where you choose – like the Files app. Back on your Mac, unzip the project, move the unzipped project if you want, and open it normally.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for that!

Is there a way to send the project to files without zipping it?


I did it often without zipping when Dropbox sync didn’t work for a couple of months and it worked reliably.

In Files you can go to ON MY IPAD. There you have a Scrivener folder. There your project should be. You can drag and drop to another folder or copy.

Oh. Drag and drop. I was wrong. :blush: Learn something new every day! Thanks, Sidderke!

You’re welcome.

I used it between the release of iOS 13 and iOS 13.4, when Dropbox sync would crash, to only work with iCloud to store my projects. It actually worked very fast (even with multi-GB projects, the largest being a 10.5GB project) and very reliable.
And I could leave Dropbox behind, which was nice as I only need it for Scrivener sync.

The only issue was of course that after you did changes on a project, you had to copy them back to iCloud and go through a manual drag-n-drop process in Files.
So when Dropbox sync worked again, I did decide to re-activate it for Scrivener, because it was handy to also have my projects ready on my iPhone. Once you add a 3rd device, a real sync instead of manual copy/paste becomes the better solution. But it is good to know that it works for someone who wouldn’t want to use Dropbox but also doesn’t have a computer with iTunes to transfer files.

I’m 60 and will use the iPad Pro 12.9 for some web surfing, but 90% for writing a novel in the iOS version of the Scrivener app.

My concern is that I’m 60 and at this point in time I can purchase any iPad Pro model. My concern is ‘future-proofing.’ With the economy being what it is, a future 2028 iPad Pro with a hypothetical A19X CPU and 16GB RAM may be able to launch Minuteman missiles from Minot AFB, but my 2020 Pro with the rebinned A12X/Z could be severely gimped or even bricked by Apple’s exponential increase in the future sophistication & demands of iOS & associated apps on Apple hardware.

(My other two machines are Windows 10, but Scrivener 3 for Windows seems like a vaporware promise (like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football…) :unamused:

Any advice would be appreciated. Go with a 2018 Gen 3 1TB, 2020 Gen 4 256 or wait until Apple comes out in early 2021 with a proper iPad Pro update with an A14X CPU (and thus a bit more future-proof). :question: :question: :question:

FWIW, my 2015 iPad Mini 4 is still fine with Scrivener.

The 2020 model will, obviously, be two years newer and therefore two years earlier on Apple’s obsolescence curve. The 2021 model doesn’t exist yet, so that option necessarily imposes a wait to get any iPad at all.


Thank you for that suggestion–when you say “in Files,” do you mean from the Mac or from the iPad? I have a brand spanking new iPad, but I haven’t used them in a couple of years. I have iCloud Drive. I don’t seem to be able to find a Files folder.


Files is the name of the app. Normally it should be downloaded by default, if not, you can find it on the App Store. Files by Apple. There you can access your file system (kind of) on the iPad, and also access your cloud storage.

Think I’ve got it, thanks.

Is the Airdrop from your iPad an option?