Send to Kindle - Amazon App

I wanted to see how my ebooks would look on my ereader and phone, and discovered Amazon’s own ‘Send to Kindle’ application:

This is very handy. In Windows Explorer, when I right-click on a file (usually the .mobi from Scrivener) the ‘Send to Kindle’ option is present. It finds your registered devices and gives you checkbox options. Oddly, Kindle on PC isn’t one of them, but that’s okay since I really just wanted my ereader and phone anyway. It creates a Kindle file and sends it to your device. Not sure how it’s different from the .mobi, but it works.

This a great way to proof your work in the Kindle ‘native’ format.

Thanks for this. I’ve already installed it on both laptops and sent a .doc file to my tablet. It worked, fast and trouble-free. It’s great for another editing method, checking final products before uploading, whatever you want to do.