Sensitize blank panel to mouse clicks when playing audio?

Actually, while I’m here, one other thing I’ve noticed.
I do a lot of split-screen work.
When a panel has text in it, clicking anywhere in the text brings the focus to that panel.
When the panel has a video in it, I click the video to bring the focus over.
For audio, the panel is entirely grey (obviously!) and I have to click the panel’s title bar to bring the focus over.
So – is there a way of sensitizing that grey blank space to a mouse click, so I can shift focus without having to click the title bar?


Not that I know of - you can click in the control bar at the bottom, but the big grey area is a QuickTime view, and that is handled by the OS X QuickTime frameworks rather than Scrivener itself. I’m not sure why it doesn’t react to mouse clicks, but that’s an Apple thing I’m afraid.
All the best,

Yep. I see. Thanks Keith, it’s lovely to use a programme that uses familiar elements in familiar ways so you can figure out what everything’s doing; the odd cosmetic inconsistency is a price well worth paying.

Now all we need is a browser version compatible with ie6 (sorry, sick joke, but it is Friday…)

That’s just evil! :slight_smile: