Sentences splits over two pages when compiling

Is there a way to stop this from happening?

The sentence from the previous page is splitting in half and displaying also on the following page…!

sentence split bug|654x243

This is a long-standing issue of the PDF generator we use. Details are posted in this thread, where in this case an image as split, but images and text are treated the same, so the workaround given in the thread should work.

Thanks Amber I’ll give it a go

Is this also why I can’t search for any words in my PDF file to see if it is compiling properly? For some reason I am adding / changing the text files to be printed but the output file keeps coming up the same…

That sounds more like an issue with the PDF reader you are using. You can check by dropping the PDF back into the binder of your project and searching for text there—that should work.

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regarding the workaround - is this the proposed solution to compile using N/A section? doesn’t seem ideal…

Your “Section” layout has double spacing, which causes the image line to have double image vertical size. This will be fixed in the next update. Meanwhile, you can set your image document to compile as is, i.e. using the “N/A” section and it will fit into one printing page.

No, I wouldn’t agree with that suggestion, and it wouldn’t necessarily fix the problem if the source text is 1.5 line-height or whatever—since the line-height is the actual bug.

What I’d do is change the line-height in the compile format itself, but if you need this to be something else, then just export as RTF and make the PDF with Word or LibreOffice. You’ll generally get a better looking document that way anyway.