Separation between scrivenings

I have a question. I find it distracting that my scrivenings are sitting very close together when I work in scrivenings mode (specifically for screenwriting).

Here’s how it looks in scrivenings mode:

And here’s how it looks compiled:

Is there any way to add space (margins?) between the chapters when working in scrivenings mode?

Edit: It seems this is primarily a problem using ‘corners’ as the separator between scrivenings. Using the corner separator, there is no space between the scrivenings. Is this a bug?

It’s not a bug, it’s the expected behavior for that separator, which is specifically intended to minimize the separation between adjacent documents. (For people who have the opposite issue, and find larger spaces distracting.)

Ahh I see. So when I like the minimal look of the corners but prefer larger spaces, there is nothing to do?

You could add white space to the document(s) near the separator, but other than that, no.

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Thanks for the response anyway! :slight_smile: