separator with a custom two empty lines

I want to put two empty lines after a particular ‘section layout’. So I used its ‘separator’ and set ‘separator between sections’ to ‘custom’, and put two opt-returns into the associated text box. The result is something like 6 empty lines??!—it doesn’t help that when I put in the two opt-returns nothing is shown in the text box

What’s your line spacing? Two returns in a double-spaced manuscript will give quite a lot of white space.


Also show invisibles and check for stray carriage returns at the end of the section before the separator.

it’s not a manuscript, it’s a docx output for a book—so no double spacing.

these extra carriage returns are appearing between sections of Body Text

I still don’t understand why opt-returns do not show up in the text box alongside the Custom option in the Separator settings

It would be useful if the separators fields were always in “show invisibles” mode – like the suffix field is, if memory serves.

Speaking of which, I guess that is another way extra carriage returns could be entering the picture. You might check to make sure the Suffix setting on your body text section type is clear.