Serious problem on font

Hi? there.

I’m a Korean and I usually use Korean font of Windows 10.
I’ve upgraded to 1.9.5 today and met a serious font problem on it.
All fonts were changed to 'Gill Sans Mt Ext… ’ unexpectedly.
Although I changed it to my favorite font and reopen my file, all of it go back to ‘Gill Sans’

Please help me.

I’m very sorry for the trouble you’re having! Font encoding changed in 1.9.5 as part of ensuring compatibility with the iOS version and it got hammered out in beta testing, but it turns out we missed a case whereby fonts that do not have PostScript name (such as many of the non-Latin sets) end up with no font name supplied in the Scrivener text document, causing the system to fill in some other font–hence the Gill Sans you’re seeing. We are working on getting an update out to fix this ASAP, but in the meanwhile you may prefer to revert back to 1.9. You can download it again from here.

thank you for your reply.
look forward to get a new update asap.

I personally use Scrivener in English but I also noticed a problem with the font. It appears the Helvetica has disappeared completely as well. Will this also come back once you have found the bugs?
Thank you

Did anyone ever get back to you? It’s 2019 and I’m having the same problem with Garamond disappearing.