Serious Scrivener Bug

Keith, I’ve encountered a serious Scrivener bug. As best I can recreate the steps:

  1. Get up
  2. Write in Scrivener
  3. Go to work
  4. Come home
  5. Eat dinner
  6. Plan to read a book
  7. Decide to check the Scrivener forum first
  8. Look up and realize it’s bedtime and the book’s still unread.

I have been able to recreate this bug multiple times over past few weeks. I believe a simple adjustment to the space/time continuum resulting in the addition of two hours to the day would resolve the problem. Do you think you could implement this for version 1.01? It’s a real deal-breaker for me.



OMG, I thought it was just me! But it IS a bug! Keith, you must fix this immediately. My dissertation is not getting revised and things are getting dire! :open_mouth:


I thought it was a feature, but now that you mention it…wait a second.

I also am spending time at the Scrivener forum, but…I have lurked inside many a “writers” list, and my general conclusion is the spielers are mainly wannabees who dream of sales and profits, instead of doing the work: butt in chair and type type type.

The Scriv forum is the first I’ve met where the contributors appear to be actively writing, editing, and publishing, and several have been at it for years. So it’s a pleasure to hear talk about research and structure and less about inner angst (Eiron excepted, for he does it so well).

Now, enough pats on the back. Get back to work!

This is the intended behaviour, and there are certain aspects of the process that only Apple can fix, so please report this to Apple.

As Amber points out, this is indeed expected behaviour. I have so far been unable to complete a novel, so I designed the Scrivener forums to ensure that no one else would, either. :slight_smile:

And yes, everything else should be directed to Apple (Amber, you sarky get, as they say :slight_smile: ).


Just to play Devil’s Advocate, this is actually my first visit to the forums since 1.0 came out! Five pages of new topics, that should keep me going for a while. 8)

Keith, can we have a selfban button on the forum !

I need an extra four hours in the spacetime continuum myself… :slight_smile:

I think I fixed this one on mine.

Go To:



From 24 to 28.

After saving, don’t forget to log out of your whole life and then log back in.

Hahaha! Fun. :slight_smile:

I forgot my password!