I had a lot of work planned for today and now I can’t access my registered Scrivener. (see attachment).

Try to rectivate with my license and all I get is spinning wheel.

Sent a tech support request and I get this really useful email back.

important Notice

We are currently experiencing a high volume of tech support
e-mail, and you should expect delays of two or more days in
getting a response. Rest assured we are getting through the list
as fast as possible on a first-come first-serve basis. Please
take advantage of our Knowledge Base, or our user forums, where
you can often find answers to frequently asked questions more
rapidly. We apologise for this inconvenience, and hope to be
back up to full speed soon.

Better server redundancy is needed if licenses are going to be tied to their availability.

So much for trying to get any work done today.

Are there any firewalls or other software that might be blocking your access to the activation server?

Also, what specific version of Scrivener do you have? The Scrivener -> About Scrivener command will tell you.


See attached.

There appears to be an issue with the server at Paddle, our licensing/activation service. It seems to mostly be affecting Windows users; your report is the first one I’ve seen on the Mac side.

We are working on this with Paddle support. Thank you for your patience.


I have no idea if such a thing would work, maybe Katherine will come back and say, but since you planned a lot of work today - and probably tomorrow - would it be possible to download a trial version of Scrivener and work with that until the problem is fixed? Maybe if you temporarily renamed the main directory where the registered version resides?

Reverting to the trial version is what Scrivener will do in any case. Whether (and for how long) that will work depends on how many days were left in the trial when the software was purchased.