Services menu problems

Does anyone else just have dimmed options on their service menus?

I have tried doing a search on this forum plus a general google search but the only advice I can find is to make sure that I have text highlighted so that the service has something to grab etc … I have definitely done this, and it’s not just Scriv, but all of my services such as NoteBook, SOHONotes etc…

Anyone knowledgeable about such things?

What program are you trying to use the Services menu with? The Services menu unfortunately only works with Cocoa programs - so it won’t be available for Word, for instance, and certain other programs. It took me ages to realise this, as it’s not really obvious.

But it should definitely work with Scrivener and Notebook. My official diagnosis is that something is hosed. Have you gone through the usual maintenance–fix permissions and the like?

But if the op was trying to use the Scrivener or Notebook services on selected text in Word or Firefox, say, that would explain it…

Oh! You’re right, it does read that way, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for the quick responses - this forum is so friendly and helpful!

Keith - I think you are on the mark - it seems to be that I am trying to use it in Firefox - shame as I am a firefox fan … it’s always a trade-off huh??

Thanks again