Services menu -> specific project?


This is a minor minor wish, but is it possible to add a specific project to the Services -> Scrivener menu? I’d like to be able to set up a specific project that I can send my clippings to. At the moment, the clippings just get sent to the last-opened project.

It’s no biggie, but I’m trying to save all the info-bits about Scrivener itself (like the recent new 1.02 nav keystrokes) within the program. It would also be nice when researching a specific project.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I think that would be asking a little too much complexity of the Services menu, I am afraid. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Keith. I can do it in Circus Ponies’ Notebook, but I obviously didn’t know what was involved.

Love Scrivener. :slight_smile:

There’s always another app that does it. :wink:

Being an obsessive clipper, I’ve asked for this functionality in both Scrivener and Devon and been rebuffed both times. It would actually speed up my daily workflow considerably, but apparently it really is a bear to program, so I guess we’ll have to live without it and be grateful that Scrivener, unlike some apps I could mention, uses the Services menu at all.

The ability to control where clippings go would be useful. If not to control it, then at least to know where the clipping is going to land.

I often have three or four projects open at once. Sometimes I make a half dozen clippings in a row, and each may land in any of the projects. When I find it, windows have to be arranged for dragging to the correct place.

DevonThink can do this without overwhelming the menu. Why can’t Scrivener?

Because Scrivener isn’t a database app? I’m not sure how DevonThink can do anything differently, unless you mean its bucket. In that case, you might find it easier to use Scrivener’s scratch pad, as that allows you to decide which project notes should be sent to. Services can only be sent to the frontmost project.