Session objective - cut / paste impact number of words

I work with a number of words defined for each session. The problem is when you cut a part of the text to paste it a new subdocument. Scrivener count them as new words. So it put the mess in the number of words/session objective :slight_smile:

Did it not subtract the words when you first cut them from elsewhere in the text? If I have 900 on my session counter, and I select a paragraph with 114 words, hitting Cmd-X to cut it, the session counter jumps down to 786. Then if I go and paste it somewhere else in the draft, it jumps back up to 900. This is what I would expect to happen, since I’m just moving the text from one point to another. It should end the way it started.

There are a few exceptions to that, but they all revolve around cases where one of the documents being used is something that isn’t being tracked by the session counter to begin with. For example I can cut the 114 word paragraph from the Draft folder and pasted it into the Research folder. In that case the session counter remains at 786 because the removed text never returned within the scope of text it counts. Likewise I can cut 50 words from a file in Research and paste them into the Draft, and like magic the counter jumps up 50. This also is desirable for most cases.

Perhaps one small word in your original query might provide an alternative solution. If by the “mess”, you mean to imply you are cutting stuff out of the draft as an editing move—to get rid of it, not to move it—and then using sub-documents to store old text revisions and snippets of text removed, there may be three other approaches that work better for this:

  1. Snapshots: that’s the built-in tool for this kind of thing. The idea is to take a snapshot before you start an editing session. Then you can delete text or change it without fear of losing the original. You can always copy and paste bits back out of the snapshot, or even roll back the whole section to an earlier point in time.
  2. Disable Include in Compile for your sub-document that contents notes not meant to be a part of the draft. That way the sessions counter will ignore anything done in them—including pasting.
  3. Use Document Notes for storing your deleted snippets.

Mmh. It’s absolutely not what it does
I cut a part of the text. Then I create a subdocument (inside the document I was before) and paste the texte. It adds the text I cutted like new words in the session.
I do that because sometimes I have a really big chapter with differents thematics inside and I want to split my main document in a few subdocuments, just to make it more clear about parts. So each time it ruins my session counter.

What happens if you have a session counter at 100 words and you cut more and paste the text (400 words for example) ? I just think the problem comes from that.

Okay! Based on your revised description, I think the problem might be one setting in the Project Targets options. Make sure “Allow negatives” is enabled. This way, when you cut 400 words out of a 100 word session, you’ll get -300, and thus when you paste the 400 words back into the draft, it will jump back to 100. If you have that disabled, then the cut will trim the session back to 0, and then paste will add all 400 words to the counter.

Thanks Amber :wink: