Session target changes dynamically?

I use and love the options to automatically calculate session targets from the draft deadline and to reset at midnight for getting a daily session target.

I notice, however, that as my words add up within any given session, the session target decreases, as if it’s constantly being recalculated based on the number of words I am shy of the project target at any given moment. So, the session target gets a little bigger each day, which is not that fun.

(For example, say my project target is 2000 words, and I have five days to write. On the first day, the session target will initially appear as 2000/5=400 words. But that decreases as I write along on day 1, ending up at, say, 375. Trusting Scrivener, I knock off work when I hit my session target, but on day two, the new session target starts off at 1675/4=419 words. And so on.)

I didn’t see this behavior mentioned in the manual, so first of all, is this supposed to happen? Second, if it is, is it possible to set things up so that I get “nondynamic” session targets instead?

My apologies if I am missing something really obvious. Thanks!

Yes, this is definitely supposed to happen, if I understand you correctly, otherwise there would be no point in calculating the target from the deadline. Each day you open it, it recalculates your session target based on the number of words you have written compared to the number of words you have left to write and how many days you have left in which to write them.

The session target shouldn’t change during the day, though, and it can’t, really (unless you have set things up via the options to reset the session target on project close and close and reopen the project in the day).

The session target should not decrease from 400 to 375 in a day during a single session of the project being opened, and I can’t see a way that this would happen, so perhaps I am misunderstanding you?

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Sorry for being unclear–yes, the session target does change over the course of a writing session.

Definitely, I can see that the session target should be recalculated at the beginning of each session. That makes perfect sense.

But what I’m saying is that it changes on a more or less continuous basis–the more words I write, the smaller it gets–within a single session.

ETA: I meant to add that no, I am not closing and re-opening the project during the course of the day.

Could you please post a video of the session target reducing?

Sorry, I couldn’t manage to post the video here. It’s at the following link:

I noticed while I was taking the video that the session target doesn’t update while the target window is open, but if I close the target window and re-open it, that’s when the change occurs.

I don’t normally keep it open while I work, I just open it when I want to check how far along I am. Maybe that is a piece of the puzzle.

Ah, okay, I think I may not have been seeing this because I was testing in my development build - when I tried 2.1 I could reproduce this. So I think this has been fixed. I don’t remember fixing it explicitly, but I changed the way the target was calculated from the deadline, so I think that has fixed this too. Please test out the version of Scrivener in the beta forum here and let me know if it fixes the issue for you:

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Yes, that fixed it. Thank you very much!