Session Target Crash

I’ve come across this strange bug that causes the software to crash. It is triggered when I close [Project Target] pop up and try to bring it up again. It causes the software to crash. Here’s how it works:

1 - Open Session Target.
2- Go into Composition Mode.
3- Close the Session Target pop up.
4- Leave Composition Mode.
5- Try to bring up Session Target again.

Software crashes.

Not sure if this has happened with anyone else but it’s been consistently happening to me every time.

this happens to me too…

interesting bug?

So, an update to this crash.

1- Open [Session Target]
2- Go into [Composition Mode]
3- Close [Session Target]
4- Leave [Composition Mode]
5- Go into [Composition Mode]
6- Leave [Composition Mode]

Software crashes.

And it always shows this after I start the program and sometimes it even freezes.