Session target doesn't count footnotes

I use a lot of footnotes in my writing, but find that session target doesn’t tally them. I have the box “count text written anywhere in project” checked under “options”. Sometimes my whole day’s writing can be a long footnote, so this is important to me.
BTW, I’ve owned Scrivener for a long time, but only started using it for real, and became a serious fan, when I started my book. Thanks for a great product. Actually prouducts, Scapple is also awesome.

Try using inline footnotes instead, if you need them to be counted in the session. If you don’t care for that approach ultimately, you can always just use the Format/Convert/ sub-menu to turn them into Inspector footnotes at the end of the day when session counting no longer matters. Incidentally, converting your current footnotes to inlines right now will add them to your current session tally.

The reason for the discrepancy is technical. The footnote content, when added as linked notes like that, are not stored in the main file—hence linked. They are stored in a separate file.