Session Target Ping!

I love the Project Target / Session Target feature as it is. But I love writing in Full Screen mode, and try not to get distracted by checking word count. That said, especially during NaNo when I set word sprint goals and other short term hopes, I would love it if Scrivener could make some sort of sound when the writer hits the session target. Being able to go full throttle and hear a “ping” or “ding” or whistle or…whatever…when the word count is achieved would rock.

(I looked through the other suggestions regarding the Target stuff and didn’t see this, so if this IS a duplicate I apologize!)

Yes, we do have plans for adding something like this in the future. You’d be able to add an alert for both when applying a target to individual documents, or globally as a feature of the project targets tool.

Fantastic. Something to look forward to. :slight_smile: