Session Target Problem

My session target numbers seem to randomly reset to zero. Or I’ll enter words and while the total word count will increase, the number of words in the target session remains at zero. I disallow negatives, but I think maybe when I’m cutting out text with cntrl-Z it puts the count in the negative anyway. I’m not even sure. In any event, this feature should be working more intuitively.

I apologize for the duplicate topic. I actually forgot I posted something similar before. I figured out what’s going on. I’d set my session target, but sometimes I start the session with preexisting text in the document. I’d cut up those words, throw some into the notes section, reorganize text, and so forth. Then I cobble things together from some of those pieces. Cutting and pasting from that existing text messes up the session count before I even get to the subsequent writing. So I guess it’s best to do all of that stuff first, then hit the reset button. Or uncheck “count text written anywhere in the project” and use another editor window to cut stuff from.

Last question: When I click to reset the session target count, and I have the “count text written anywhere in the project” unchecked, will the session always anchor itself to the currently selected editor and associated document?