Session target suddenly broken


My manuscript target works as normal, but suddenly my session target won’t update. Writing time is set to every day, I’ve tried turning on and off the compile options, but when I’m adding words, manuscript target moves but session target stays at 0, I tried quitting and re-opening scrivener, and I tried waiting a day (it happened yesterday and it’s still happening today) and it’s not working. It’s very frustrating, the session target is where I keep track of my word count every day.

Screenshots of current and settings:

  1. -

Screenshots of when I add words, session target doesn’t move but manuscript target does:

Please help

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I’m having the same issue! Did you resolve this? Thanks!

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Same here and seems to be no answer from support?

Me too. This happened a while ago and then it healed itself. Now it is broken again. I’ve checked all the settings and can’t figure out what’s going on. But it has set as its session target 638 words, which is absurd; it can’t have been my doing (though messing up settings is something I’m easily capable of). Please advise!

OK I see that for some reasons it was linked to the deadline and was calculating how many words needed to achieve my goal. Perhaps a clearer explanation in the manual and in the ‘tips’ would be helpful here. I see I am not the only one to be perplexed by this feature. (If you set the session goal before you set the deadline, it seems it does not do an automatic calculation. If you set the deadline and try to set the session target you are locked out. This is not obvious when you first encounter the options. Thank you)

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