Session Targets Not Updating (MacOS & iOS)

I’m frustrated by the fact that the Session Targets (word count) don’t operate as I expect in either the MacOS or the iOS versions.

In the iOS app, when I open a Project and begin to work, I go through the routine of “Start New Session” when working in a document. But of late, the word count is not being updated! I cannot figure out how to keep track of my daily productivity (I have a minimum goal of 500 words per day for the book I’m drafting) - and this leaves me at a significant disadvantage.

The same for the MacOS app. When I summon the dialog box that tracks my word count as I’m clacking away on the keys, the number is not updated.

Now, the really weird thing is that in both apps the count might (note the optative mood) begin tracking, but only for a few words. Then it stops.

I’ve combed through the Support Fora but I can’t make heads or tails of the advice offered therein.

What in the world is going on?


I note that this behavior did not start until I updated both apps to the latest iterations…