Session Word Count Anomaly

Can anyone account for this anomaly—I’m worried I lost some text somewhere.

  1. Before lunch I had exceeded my session target
  2. After lunch, I duplicated a scene and deleted the text in one copy of the scene.
  3. My session word count was now below the session target. It should have been near 1,000 but it was only 555.
  4. I restored a version from Time Machine, and found indeed that the word count had been 28,025 at 5 AM (before I woke up), and it was now 29,026.

IOW, the session count is about 500 words less than it should be.

Can anyone account for that?


A possible explanation in this Manual excerpt taken from Section 20.1.1, Project Targets:

Yeah, that’s probably it, and it rings a bell. Thanks, SC. I can relax now.

well YOU might be able to, but i can’t. Mine doesn’t reset. I need to have to option to reset it–if not after I’ve deleted text, then at least when I open Scrivener for my next session. My negative number just stays there.
Any solutions to this?


The portion of my post which you’ve quoted is a part of the quote which I’d posted from the Mac Scrivener manual. Windows OS is listed as your platform in your profile details. Are you running Windows or macOS?