Set default project folder

I did a search but most of the hits concern backups. So, this post.

I want to set Scrivener (1.9) to save to a particular place on Dropbox. In Options I can set the default location for the Scratchpad. I can set the default location for Backups.

But not for the project itself!

I’m sure I did this on my desktop computer. I got a new laptop and am trying to find where to do the same. I know Scrivener will remember where the last project was opened, and that’s convenient, but it doesn’t meet my request. I have many writing projects. I start a new one every couple of months. I just want it that when I do File, New Project, that project will be pointed to the root of all my writing projects.

I’m sure I’m overlooking something, but I sure can’t find it.

Hi Skip,

You are correct, there is currently no place in options to designate a default folder to store newly created projects.

But there is a default folder for new projects. Scrivener remembers the last folder you created a new project in, and uses that as the default for subsequent new projects.

During the project creation dialogue, Scrivener shows you the folder where it will be saving the project. That folder will be the last folder you created a new project in. It is up to you to override it.

For me, Scrivener defaults to Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener, because like you, I always save my projects to Dropbox.

If you’re ever in doubt about where you’ve saved a project, go to Tools > Options > General > enable Show Full Project Path in title bar.

This is the way Windows Scrivener has always worked. It seems unlikely to me that they will change it, but if you feel strongly about the feature, then request it via a new post in the Wish List forum. Or ask a Mod to move this thread to the Wish List forum.